Caddy Plus

Caddy Plus is a scorecard and distance measurement app for golfers and disc golfers

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App screenshotCaddy Plus is an easy and user friendly way of keeping score during your golf or disc golf rounds. Caddy Plus is an universal application so it works on any Windows 10 device. You can use your phone to enter the scores and they will be available in your PC or tablet for viewing. Add your buddies and favorite courses, and you are good to go. During the round you can fill in the results, follow the overall score, and also measure the distance of your top shots. After the round you can compare the scores, and if choose so, export all the scorecards to a html-file. You can then either publish the results in your web page or copy them easily to Excel for further analysis. Application has been designed with stability and usability in mind, it's not filled with rarely used features but concentrates on providing the essentials with top usability on touch devices.

Supported operating systems

- Windows 10
- Windows Phone 10


- User friendly way of entering the scores during the rounds
- Scorecards of all played rounds are stored in history
- GPS distance measurement for your top shots (can be turned off if needed)
- Color coded scores in scorecards to help reading the results
- Ability to export the entire scorecard history
- Supporting unlimited amount of players, courses and scorecards

Planned features for upcoming versions

- Ability to modify existing scorecards
- Basic statistics
- Marking OB (Out Of Bounds) and DNF (Did Not Finish) during a round
- Automatically storing the GPS coordinates when adding a new course
- Automatically selecting nearest course when app is started

- Added sorting and filtering for scorecards
- Minor tweaks to improve usability and performance
- Show course specific overall-PAR and total length in course editing UI and during rounds
- Overall UI enhacements, especially during a round and for course adding pages
- Use command bar for buttons instead of separate buttons in most of the UI, saves space for the actual content
- Change app main color to be darker to get better contrast on sunlight, especially with LCD displays
- Add player amount and scorecard amount to page title
- Order players and courses alphabetically so they are easier to find when there’s lots of data
- Add ability to share scorecards (email/OneNote), in addition to exporting them
- Courses can have GPS coordinates now, added by user when on location
- Course location can be shown in map, or navigated to with Maps-application
- Optimize landscape UI layout for smaller resolutions
- Change scorecards to use background color to visualize results better (also for for exports)
- Improve contrast of certain UI elements so those are better seen in direct sunlight
- Improve scorecard UI layout so it fits into screen better even with lower resolutions
- Fix sidepane bug when moving between landscape and portrait modes
- Add +-prefix for total scores in exports
- Fix a lot of UI problems if device is using text scaling larger than 120%
- Update sidepane icons to be a bit more informative

Supported languages

- English
- German
- Spanish
- Estonian
- Finnish
- French
- Russian
- Swedish


If you have found a bug or have suggestions or other kind of feedback, you can either send the feedback via Windows Store or send email directly to me: