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Hello, my name is Mikko Linnalo and I'm an IT professional from Turku Finland. I have 15 years of experience on IT field in several software related roles, including testing, integration, application development and software configurability. I have worked for Nokia and Microsoft for most of my career, and now I'm looking for new exciting opportunities. I'm hoping to find my dream job in Turku area, as my work commutes in last 15 years have been quite a lot (from 120 to 320 km a day).

Dear future employer, you can check and download my CV in here. You can also check my profile in LinkedIn or Monster

This web site is mainly meant to be my portfolio, but after removing Symbian/Qt applications and outdated web sites, all that was left was the site itself and Windows UWP application named Caddy Plus. Naturally I cannot show here anything directly related to my work in Microsoft, so projects here are my personal projects that I have been doing in my free time.

The web site itself is written from sratch and uses PHP and MySQL as backend. It has a small CMS for maintaining a blog or a news section, which uses BBCode as enduser markup language. Site also uses templating to ease up the maintanance, and adapts to clients display resolution (responsive web design).

Below you can find my contact information and some information about my interests. You can also check my blog which is updated quite rarely, topics vary from disc golf ranting to tech hype. Blog is written mostly in finnish, though I doubt even anyone in Finland follows it :)

Contact details

Mobile: +358 (0) 40 803 1657
Address: Mataleenankatu 16, 20360 Turku, Finland
Email (home): mlinnalo@gmail.com
Email (home, alias): mikko@linnalo.com

About me

Wedding photo I'm a Finnish tech-geek in my late thirties, living in Turku suburbs with my wife, french bulldog named Veeti, and an angry tortoise named Vilperi. I'm a fanatic disc golfer and an ice hockey fan. I also play badminton and paintball once in a while, hockey in winder time, and live poker about once a month. In addition of dog toys, our house is filled with my toys, tech gagdets of all kinds

French bulldog Veeti

As for personality, I'm a laid back guy with a sense of humour (own opinion), not easily stressed about anything, but at the same time not being afraid of voicing my opinion either. I very much like to see everything around me well organized and I hate to see untidiness at least in my working environment. I consider myself as highly mathematical, using logic over emotions on pretty much everything. I guess this is true for most engineers, not just me. I'm not the most social guy at first, but it changes when I learn to know the people around me, so I'm a quite typical finnish male :)

As an employee, I'm a machine that runs on coffee (well, I need my salary also). In pretty much all the roles I have worked on, I have become the go-to guy on my area. I like to know everything there is to know about a specific area and become a specialist on what I do, in opposite of being a generalist who knows little about everything. I'm punctual so I will be there in time, be it a meeting or a project deadline. I like to keep my personal backlog and my mail inbox as empty as possible, which just means that I don't want to let tasks pile up.

SW development experience

I have worked as an application developer in Nokia for about a year (2011-12), at that time the language used was C++ (Qt) with Qml (Qt Quick) as markup language. That was the role I aimed for when I joined Nokia, but when Nokia decided to move from Symbian/Meego entirely to Windows platform, I found myself in a different role in software configurability area. In that role the work was mostly about problem solving in CI build system, and maintaining configurations in xml/json-format, with occasional need for creating scripts with Python to automate everyday tasks.

In addition of application developer role in Nokia, I have developed applications for Symbian and Meego (also with Qt), and lately with C# for Windows devices. One example is an universal application (UWP) called Caddy Plus, which can be found from Windows Store with average user rating being 4.8/5. In May 2016 when Microsoft announced the ramp down of all activities in Finland, I went out and bought an Android device and started learning Java and Android development, only to find out that C# and Java are almost identical languages. Despite of that, I have found myself using more Java and less C# every day since that.

In web development area I have created several web sites from scratch during the past 15 years, so responsive web design, HTML and CSS are very familiar to me. I’ve so far used PHP/MySQL as a backend for my projects, but I don’t see moving to .NET as a problem neither as PHP is very near ASP, and I have used C# in application development. JavaScript was long time a curse word for me so I only used the minimal amount of JS in my past projects, but lately I’ve started to get into that as well. For the past 3-4 months I’ve been using online-courses in Plularsight.com to refresh my PHP skills and to familiarize myself with latest trends in web dev area, like REST, Bootstrap and Angular.js.

What I’m passionate about

I’m passionate about usability, making the end user perform the task with as little amount of clicks/presses as possible. I get my thrills from seeing things getting ready, in other words, seeing the end result being deployed to end users. I’m also keen on simplicity, both in design and codewise.


My goal is to find a long term employment in Turku area, and to say good bye for long commutes that I had to live with for the past 15 years. I’d like to find a developer role in a team with good forward going spirit, having possibility to innovate and affect how things are done. In longer run I’d like to achieve the specialist/expert status once more, being the go-to guy whatever the question/problem is.